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Making software products is hard We are the team for that

You are an established company, an investor or a domain expert. You have an idea to be prototyped, validated and iterated. You know it could be a success. You need to act. You know you need a team.

We're the experts for kickstarting new things and handing over once validated.

Prototypes and products of the future

Our clients usually need:

  • Prototyping: building proof of concepts and technological experiments to explore new opportunities and validate business ideas.
  • Productization: engineering clear and confirmed vision of a marketable product ready to be scaled – and rethought once successful.

We've built components fitting into existing systems, completely new products, pieces of infrastructure, interaction heavy interfaces, etc.

Our past projects include:

  • A large medical system connecting agents and nurses with people having specific needs and disabilities.
  • Mobile voice streaming app sending data real time to speech recognition API.
  • Psychological research projects focused on support of psychological research or data collection.
  • Language training environment for adaptive learning of Czech grammar with thousands of questions and exercises.

Key expert areas

  • Software engineering: server and browser applications, mobile development, system architecture, APIs and scalability
  • User experience design: user research, user interface design, visual design, copywriting, usability testing
  • Product development: domain analysis, opportunity discovery and definition, feature prioritization, validated learning
  • Machine learning: models for supervised learning (neural networks, SVM, regression, etc.), models for unsupervised learning (clustering), recommender systems and anomaly detection

Who we are What we know

We're a diverse team of specialised experts with common background in computer science. Apart from being geeks, we participate in voluntary activities and causes.

Petr Jarušek

I am an engineering MacGyver at Appy. Programming and computer science is just Lego for me. I wire things together and prototype rapidly.


  • Machine learning (PhD) and smart algorithms
  • iOS development
  • Back-end and front-end Web development

Voluntary acitivites

I've organized more than 15 summer camps for young adults and several science competitions for talented students.

Pavel Hamřík

I am a digital product designer. I design tailored apps, interfaces and user experiences that are efficient, pleasurable and also fulfill business interests.


  • User experience design
  • Product development
  • Graphic design

Voluntary acitivites

For over ten years, my great interest is game design. I also occasionally teach and run workshops.

Ondřej Válka

I am a digital product designer. Having experienced companies of various sizes and stages I oversee the product discovery and delivery process.


  • User experience design
  • Product development

Voluntary acitivites

I've organized multiple unique user experience design events and co-created several summer camps for children.

Zdeněk Softić

I am a software engineer with passion for challenging problems and heavy lifting.


  • Back-end and front-end Web developement
  • Non-trivial web applications with smart algorithms
  • System architecture, APIs and scalability
  • Operations and maintenance

Voluntary acitivites

I've participated on building a boat from plastic bottles that I'm about to sail in Mediterranean sea.

Our research

We like to play with software and discover limits of technologies. Right now we are researching following fields:

  • Boilerplates for React-based single page apps
  • Emerging horizons of machine learning
  • Tools for remote pair designing
  • Wearables providing contextual information in highly interactive ways

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